How Blue-Origin or SpaceX relates to Vedanta?

Let's try to explore what it takes to evolve beyond the human mind, and why it can be difficult to do it.

Planetary and interstellar rockets have a common characteristics: they need power to lift and win the Earth's gravitational pull. Of course the same apply to satellites that are meant to orbit the Earth too and in this case the need to maintain a certain angular speed, or they'll fall back to the Earth.

But let's focus on the main effort of winning the Earth gravitational pull: the energy required to move an object from a state of lower energy A, to a state of higher energy B.
This energy is a necessary condition if we want to move the object from A to B.
However, to make this condition sufficient, we must push the object in the right direction.
If you're familiar with vectors you'll recall that they've a magnitude and a direction. So the direction that we need to apply to our rocket must be upward if we want it to leave the Earth.

Therefore in order to achieve our goal we can identify 2 factors : energy and direction.

If we look at the above requirements we could try to find an analogy that apply to the human evolution.

The word Vedanta means "conclusion of the Vedas", which are a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India. The focus of Vedanta and the Vedas is knowledge and liberation.
We hear quite often talking about liberation these days. [2] For example, people sometimes refer to liberation as a way to escape from the strict rules they feel are subjected to in their society.
Freedom of speech has become a popular topic as well as freedom to move and freedom from any form of oppression and slavery which unfortunately are still a common factor in the human mind.

To keep it simple, the combination of a body and a mind is what we we call a person.
Now, let's change our equation and replace the Earth with the human body, and the gravitational pull with the human mind.

In this case the pull keeps us to a lower energy state, closer to the body and its needs.
The stronger the needs and the stronger the pull. Let's call these needs desires.
Basic desires like food and shelter are easier to fulfill compared to stronger ones like owning a castle or a private jet. But to be achieved desires need a reason.
The stronger the reason, the stronger the desire linked to it.

For example, a musician struggling to pay the rent may well accept the challenge providing she can express herself by playing music everyday.
The reward of playing music drives the desire to continue, despite the fear that she may not be able to pay the rent in time every month.
Conversely, a boy living in poverty and struggling to have something to eat everyday would have a stronger desire to make money as that will resolve this problem. The fear of starving is stronger and it will drive a stronger desire to acquire money or power in order to overcome this issue.

Desires and fears increase and decrease together.
Stronger desires generate a stronger pull towards the body because all desires eventually point to the person. Power, fame, craving for pleasure or relevance also reinforce the person and they're all driven by the reciprocal factor: sorrow, not having power, or not having relevance or money.

If we define the equation in these terms, it seems quite hard to solve.
How many unknown we have in it?
Desire and fear pull towards the body and they seems two unknowns.
But they're not independent, in fact they reinforce each other. So we may just combine them into one unknown variable.

Next, we need something acting as the rocket's energy, and as we discussed before it'll need to be a vector having magnitude and direction.
We already know that this cannot be a desire or fear because they'll pull us towards the person, not upwards.
What it could be this energy factor? It must be something that won't reinforce the idea we've of the person, and it must be something that is able to provide freedom from this idea.
But if it can provide such a freedom from a particular person, it must exist everywhere.

Love exists everywhere and it's invincible because it's fearless.
By developing love we can achieve detachment for the person, then we'll be able to love all beings equally. Love drives the journey beyond the mind and practicing the human values [1] will transform our mindset and our society, because everything is connected.

As the poet said :"Consider your origins: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge."




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