Fempton Institute

Fempton Institute of Natural Medicine allows you to study online many faculties such as: Nutrition, Psychology, Anatomy, Genetics, Physiology, Pathology, Iridology, and Lifestyle.
We support the Manifesto of Natural Medicine, and by joining us, you've access to quality courses, including:

  • Dedicated Tutor (friendly and responsive)
  • Fempton textbooks (yes, you can use your own books too)
  • Documents and Charts
  • Your Agile Dashboard (everything in one place)
  • Online Workshops with your tutor
  • Gym (warm up here, before taking the exam)
  • Premium Content from top Universities

  How it works

Our LMS (Learning Management System) has been designed from scratch to give you the freedom to study online, at your own pace. We've invested in the latest technologies to improve the concept of distance learning in many aspects. In your Classroom you can share Feedback, and take Tests, so what you've learned will stay longer with you. We also provide you a simple Task manager to organize your work, The notification system in your Dashboard keeps you always updated.
According to Reuters Online Learning is booming with $275.10 Billion Value by 2022. Enjoy!

  Distilled Content

Our content is created with TextRank algorithm, powered by IBM Watson. TextRank is a text summarization tool developed at Department of Computer Science, University of North Texas, able to extract and convert long text into a more readable form without missing the important details. Because the content is concise, it's also easier to learn and remember. Agile focus on Speed & Quality and by processing our courses with TextRank, you'll learn faster without compromising on Quality.
That's why our courses are shorten but richer in content. Time is precious, why waste it? As an average you could save 40% to 50% of your learning time with us. We peel the orange for you.


Exams are fully online, and divided in 2 sessions. After you pass the exam, you can download the Certificate from your Dashboard, which is usually available in 1-2 days. You can take the exam as many times as you need.
Optionally you can also submit your PDUs (Professional Development Unit) every Year.

PDUs are discussed in more details in another page.

  Premium Content

By joining our community, you've access to media content from top Universities including MIT, Harvard, Standford, and Columbia University.

You can also access content from other Universities, and specialized centers like NIH, NCBI (US), and Cancer Research UK. Premium content is provided through Creative Commons license. Fempton has no affiliation with these Universities. Please check our TOS for more details.


The Classroom is where the magic happen.
Once you've enrolled in your course, you can start learning. You can share your feedback for each video, and that will help us to improve.
You can also plan your efforts and track progress. All you do here, is reflected in your Dashboard, so you know how many quizzes are pending, and what's your progress on each course.
Get involved, and learn faster.


The Dashboard collect in a single place all you need to move forward in your journey. Here you get Notifications and Alerts about your membership. Suggestions for your courses, Workshop invitations, check your Exams and PDUs, and download your Certificates.


At the Gym you can practice with quizzes for as long as you like. Nobody is watching you there.

Before attending the exam, it could be useful to check where you are, or if you need to review anything. We think a good education system should try to help, rather than just scoring you. We believe individuals are not numbers.

Eventually our Tutors are here to share their experience, and suggest you the areas where you may need to improve. And if you've any questions, get in touch!

   Psychology Tests

These Tests tell us where we're in our journey, and if we need to adjust the direction. Change Management is essential if we want to improve, for example if we want to quit smoking, or have a better nutrition, and the key to access vast opportunities, is in our mind.

By keeping our mind clean and focused, we can improve concentration and our energy level. We believe this will help the individual to have a better life, in harmony with others.
These tests are approved by the medical community and the World Health Organization (WHO), and you can access them for free after you register. Check the TOS for more details.