Human Values

Human values are embedded in every human being, and promoted since ages in India, and other cultures. The practice of these values is essential to succeed in Yoga, and it support the evolution of the individual to higher level of consciousness.
Human values also offer a practical approach to educate the community on developing strong qualities like Tolerance and Respect, which are the foundation of a better society.


We think that Human transformation can be achieved by practicing Human Values. These values are available to everyone and can have a profound effect in our community.

Truth in thoughts, words and deeds, help to clean the mind.
Right conduct can be practiced by lowering other's suffering.
Peace can be supported by developing Tolerance and Respect.
Love can be expressed with acts of kindness, and helping others.
Non Violence in all its forms can help the individual to remove Fear, which in turn generate violence.


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Individual Growth


RAD is a model of individual growth, developed by a Team of psychologists and Agile experts at Fempton Institute, based on Agile and Lean principles.
RAD can help to do more with less, and to develop a positive attitude with life, by leveraging our strength, and minimizing our weaknesses.
Today Agile principles are applied in many industries, including: Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, IT, Human Resources, and Software development.
The main steps of RAD are: Remove, Amplify, and Deploy. These steps converge to the individual goal of self-actualization, as suggested by the Theory of Needs described by Psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1954.

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