Our Vision

Fempton's platform has been developed from scratch to deliver hi-quality online education. We're driven by passion, and we use Agile principles to deliver more value, with less waste.
We believe that education should be available to everyone, at an affordable price. To produce a quality product we've invested in people and technology. This came with a cost, but we're committed to deliver services designed to educate and transform lives across the globe, at an affordable price.

  Agile Learning

Quality doesn't mean that you've to spend a fortune for your education, or spending years on books, when you only need a fraction of that. Agile learning can deliver better results, and our LMS platform is built with those principles in mind.
If you Google top Universities, you'll see that many of them have online courses. Distance learning allows you to study safely at your own pace. Our Exams are also online and based on Psychometrics, as adopted by many other Institutes, including PMI


In our Team we've practitioners of Natural Medicine, including Nutrition, Iridology, Ayurveda, TCM, Reflexology, Yoga, and Tai Chi Chuan. We also have Psychologists, and Medical Doctors who believe in a more holistic approach to healthcare.

Technology driven
Fempton use cutting edge technology to make your online experience smooth and rewarding. For example, your Certificate is encrypted with AES-256 algorithm to ensure optimal security. Our Team worked hard to design & develop the LMS (Learning Management System), but we need your feedback to make sure that what we do is always meeting your expectations, because guess what...you are the boss.