Did COVID-19 save the world?

It looks like a war, with casualties and losses of human lives.
While the origin of the virus is still under investigation, the medical community seems to agree that the virus was first found in animals, and then it moved to humans. Meat consumption of infected animals seems the most plausible reason of Covid-19 pandemic.
From a Zen perspective it looks like Nature just fought back.

When humans discuss about saving the world from climate changes, wars and other man-made calamities, all the world needs is to be saved from us.

Suppose we get out of the picture for a while; would have been anything else left to save?

For example, forests, and oceans started breathing again under COVID, and now that humans are gone, Chernobyl is growing plants , and animals are coming back. I think humans need to value and respect Nature, rather than trying to exploit and polluting it for self interest.

The Indian culture use to say that God gives and forgives, whereas Man get and forget.

Is this a lesson that we can learn, so that we can improve, and build a better world?

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