5 Superpowers we didn't know to have

Since Marvel movies took over the industry, and Greta mentioned her advantage over their critics, superpowers have become cooler than ever.

In this article I'd like to focus more on those powers that everyone has inside and that will deliver great value if we could use them.
What uncle Ben once told Peter, has become famous: "with great powers, comes great responsibilities", and I think each one of us, and every true leader, should consider their position, not as an opportunity to impose their view, but as an opportunity to serve others. Servant leader is a key concept in Agile, and I think we should export that model into our family which granted us a body, and to our communities who helped us to grow.

I think it's amazing if we look at Nature, and how selfless she is with us. The Indian culture says: "Nature give and forgive, whereas man get and forget". If we want to live in a better world we should start replacing weak qualities with strong ones. Anger with Gratitude, Intolerance with Respect, and Violence with Peace.
I think that most of the problems mankind is facing are due to poor communication, which in turn lead to alienation and violence when fuelled by ignorance.

By superpower we usually mean something awesome, strong, that only few lucky ones have.
But actually every human being has 5 Human Values inside [1], no matter what they do or think about it.
These values are always available to everyone, but depending on the mind's conditions, people may or may not manifest them in action. It's like the old saying "All are good, but there are bad actions".

  • Respect
  • Love
  • Non-Violence
  • Truth
  • Peace

When the mind is filled with positive thoughts the HVs are practiced naturally, and viceversa.
At Fempton we think that HVs should be taught in families, schools, and uni, so that people may start practicing them with confidence, and supporting themselves and others to grow as human beings.
It's only the darkness of the mind that obfuscate light, and I'm convinced that the superpowers of Love, Truth, Peace, Dharma, and Non-Violence are the perfect ingredients to eradicate ignorance, and succeed in life.

[1] http://www.fempton.com/main32/inspire2/human-values

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022