CIR - Certified Iridologist

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Become a Certified Iridologist
At Fempton we believe in Natural Medicine driven by scientific research, and human values. A Certified Iridologist is a qualified Healthcare Professional, aware of benefits and limitations of scientific research and Natural Medicine. The CIR is capable to assess predispositions, and to suggest appropriate lifestyle and nutritional changes to the individual. To be effective, this fascinating subject must be studied, supported and understood properly. To facilitate your journey, we provide a dedicated tutor, Gym, Workshops, and classroom tests. You're free to complete this course at your own pace, no dates or time restrictions within the validity of your subscription.
This course includes the following courses: AIR , ANP , PAT , NLP.

In summary you'll learn:

  • Advanced Iridology
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology
  • Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Psychology

We believe in ethical scientific research driven by Human Values, we support the Manifesto of Natural Medicine, and our approach to education aims to develop a collaborative environment for all students.

  Our Certifications
  • CIR: Certified Iridologist
  • NLP: Certified Nutrition Advisor
  • CLA: Certified Lifestyle Advisor
  • CND: Certified Doctor in Natural Medicine

Professional Development Units are optional, except for CLA, and CND certifications.
Please visit the page PDU to know more