Bluepek Studio

Bluepek Studio is a professional software designed to support Natural Doctors and their patients during Analysis, Therapy, and Reporting. This tool works online and is based on Natural Medicine, TCM, Homeopathy and Iridology. You can upload the images of your patients, annotate them, and share your report with your patients. To use Blupek Studio you don't need to practice Iridology. The tool helps you manage your patients using your preferred holistic approach.
For example, if you are a Massage Therapist, or an Ayurvedic doctor, you can share a healthpath with your patients, and support their journey to optimal health.

  Quality and Security

Quality for us means to deliver a value that satisfy or exceed your expectations.
Bluepek Studio was designed from scratch using the latest technology and Agile principles, to create a better product and ensure smooth updates and maintenance. All your sensitive data is encrypted with military grade algorithms (AES-256) to meet high security standards and regulatory compliance. Our dedicated CDN (Content Delivery Network) support better performance worldwide by leveraging on the servers that are located closer to you.
We believe that a better user experience is key to maintain and grow our community.

  Therapy Advisor

Therapy Advisor is part of Bluepek Studio and is able to provide powerful insight on Nutrition, Lifestyle, TCM, and Reflexology by helping you to define the best therapy for your patients. Bluepek Studio is based on AI Machine Learning and adapt dynamically to each patient. The tool is fully configurable and you can decide which data you want to share.
In Bluepek Studio you can create Timelines for each patient representing their journey to optimal health, and monitor their progress with time. Timelines are visual representations of the patien't journey and you can update them at each visit.
To monitor their progress, Therapy Advisor provide a patient Health Index - which you can modify according to your findings.


Reports describe the history of the patient, and suggest the next steps to achieve healthcare goals. Bluepek Studio auto-generate Reports based on your visit, and allows you to manage Templates, copy-paste pictures, and print the final report, so that your patients bring home your recommendations, and can start improving their health from day one.

Bluepek Studio is constantly updated with the latest medical and holistic research, so that your therapy stay always relevant.
From the Dashboard you can view a summary of your visits, and plan the next steps in the Calendar.


In Bluepek Studio you can create a Timeline for your patient, representing their journey to optimal health, and monitor their progress with time. Timelines are visual representations of the patient's journey, and you can update them at any time.
Following up a patient is probably one of the most important tasks of the doctor after a visit. Patients need to have confidence and strength to move forward in their journey, and Timelines may help where the role of a natural doctor is more crucial.

  Public Page

With Bluepek Studio you can create a Public Page for your profile, and include it in your reports as a single link. In this way, your patients have your details at hand, and if required, they can get in touch with you.
Under settings you can choose to show or hide your data or disable the public page entirely.

  Modular Library

In Bluepek Studio you can add supplements to your library, and reuse them as needed. Supplements can be of any type (eg. Homeopathic or Nutritional), and can help your patient to make progress in their journey to optimal health.
You can save the library on your local drive. For example, you can save supplements by vendor, or by health condition.
Library files are editable and can be included in any of your Reports .

  Get Paid

Your patients can pay for your visit directly on your PayPal account. PayPal is the easiest and most popular way to get paid online, and it's simple to manage your invoices and taxes.
If you need, we can help you to create your first invoice and get paid. It only takes few minutes, it's PCI compliant and your patients can also pay with their credit or debit cards.


Do you have a problem, or something to share? We can't wait to hear from you. Our tool deliver a powerful Helpdesk System where you can log your queries, and follow up. We provide technical and commercial support Mon-Fri, 9-17.00 (UK).